What & How to Recycle

with Spencer County Solid Waste Management District

How to Recycle

Spencer County residents and businesses have the opportunity to drop-off their recyclables, free of charge, at any of our Drop-Off Centers located throughout the county. Yellow metal bins are labeled for specific items and are conveniently arranged with like items next to each other. An attendant is always on duty to assist with your recyclables.  

General Recycling Rules:

  • Drop-Off centers require material to be separated.
  • Scrape or rinse food residue from containers.
  • Drain containers well.
  • Labels do not need to be removed from any containers.
  • Flatten containers and boxes to save space.
  • Remove all lids. Plastic and steel lids can be recycled.
  • Newspaper should be recycled loose. Do Not Bundle or Bag them.

Limited on recycling space? You only need three containers! (Items can be separated at the Drop-Off Center)

  1. Glass, Cans and Plastics in the same container or bag.
  2. Newspaper and Cardboard in the same box/bag.
  3. Junk Mail  – collect in a shopping bag on a door knob.

What to Recycle

All of the items below can be recycled at any of our drop-off centers throughout Spencer County. Click on the item below for additional recycling and disposal details.

For more problem wastes, such as paint, household and farm chemicals, medication, and tires, continue scrolling down to see how those can be properly disposed of in Spencer County.


Includes all (slicks) inserts. No brown paper sacks or strings. Keep separate from other paper products


Includes corrugated boxes, paperboard, and brown paper sacks. Remove packing material and plastic bag liners and flatten all boxes. Examples of paperboard include cereal, cake mix, tissue, and detergent boxes. Keep separate from other paper products. No waxed or foiled paperboard such as juice, and ice cream containers.

Junk Mail & Office Paper

Includes all envelopes with or without a plastic window, computer paper, shredded paper, mixed color paper, file folders, post-it notes, office forms, etc.

Paper products NOT accepted include carbon paper, wrapping paper, tissues, paper plates, or paper towels.

Magazines & Catalogs

Remove protective plastic before recycling. Keep separate from other paper products.


All colors are accepted. Food and beverage jars and bottles only Labels are OK. Rinse and remove lids.

Tin & Steel Cans

Must be empty and rinsed. Labels are OK. Keep separated from other cans.


Must be empty. Crush cans to save space. Keep separated from metal cans.


PLASTIC PETE #1 BOTTLES/ Jars: Includes soft drink liters, Gatorade, fruit juice, single-serve water, soft drinks, etc. Other PETE #1 containers include peanut butter jars, ketchup, syrup, salad dressing bottles. Health and beauty products such as mouthwash, shampoo, and conditioners are also packaged in PETE bottles. Check the bottom of the bottle for the number “1” inside the arrows. Remove the lid, rinse, and flatten.

PLASTIC HDPE #2 Bottles: Includes milk jugs, orange juice, liquid detergent, softener bottles, or any other #2 HDPE marked bottle or jug. All colors are accepted. Must be empty with lids removed and flattened if possible. Sorry, no motor oil bottles can be accepted, even the ones with the HDPE # 2. Our vendor will not accept them.

PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS: Includes plastic bags from grocery, department, and discount stores. Please remove paper sales slips.

Waste Oil

Includes used motor, hydraulic, and gear oil. Residents must manually deposit their oil in a 400-gallon tank located at the Drop-Off Center. For this reason, we have a limit of 5 gallons per visit.


Oil Filters

Includes auto, large trucks, and farm equipment filters.


Used Anti-Freeze

Two to four 55-gallon drums (covered by a yellow or black tarp) are available at each Drop-Off Center.


Includes household batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery packs, batteries from watches, radios, toys, clocks, etc. Leaking or damaged batteries should be secured in a sealed plastic bag before delivery to the Drop-Off Center. Battery collection bins are also available at many grocery and hardware stores. Call the office for a complete list.


Mercury Items

Includes thermometers, mechanical thermostats, fluorescent bulbs, mercurochrome, and elemental mercury.


When in Doubt, Leave it Out!

It only takes one or two items in a load of recyclables to contaminate the entire load and make it impossible to recycle. Please follow the recycling guidelines.

Problem Waste Program

Spencer County Solid Waste Management District has taken measures to help with the proper disposal of problem waste items. Problem waste includes items such as paint, household chemicals, used motor oil, pesticides and herbicides, medication and sharps, tires, and e-waste.  

No more one-day Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days!!! The District has an approved storage building on-site to accept your problem waste regularly at the District Office location.



Latex paint is the most common item brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Program and represents about half of the District’s cost for the disposal/recycling process. This expense for the District is not necessary.

Latex paint is water-based and NOT hazardous. However, if it is in a liquid form, landfills cannot accept latex paint. Introducing an excess amount of liquid in a landfill can cause runoff problems and possibly be a source of ground contamination if this liquid is mixed with other items in the landfill. For this reason, any latex paint brought into the District for recycling/disposal must be treated as hazardous waste.

Follow these simple instructions for disposing of latex paint and help the District/County reduce the cost of processing problem waste.

  • Use up or give away usable latex paint
  • Dry out unusable or unneeded latex paint by mixing it with kitty litter or "floor dry" (an absorbent material sold at hardware and home supply stores)
  • A small amount of paint can be spread onto cardboard to dry
  • Remove the lid (in a well-ventilated area) of latex paint and allow the paint to harden and dry.
  • Place the hardened paint and dry cans (with the lids off) in the trash

Oil Based

Oil-based paint and products for clean-up after using oil-based paint should be treated as household hazardous waste. If possible, combine small amounts of oil-based paint into a common paint can before bringing the paint to the District for recycling.

Oil-based paint cans that are dry can be disposed of in the trash (with the lids off).

Accepted Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm at the Business District Office.

Household & Farm Chemicals

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) includes cleaners, stains, pesticides, certain paints, and many things found under the kitchen sink, in the garage, and outbuildings located on your property.

By improperly disposing of material residents could contaminate groundwater/soil and present a threat to children and pets.

Below is a sample list of the types of material that can be brought to the District Office for recycling and/or proper disposal.

• brake fluid          • drain cleaners
• glues                    • adhesives
• insecticides        • herbicides
• paints                  • stains
• paint thinners   • aerosols
• pool chemicals  • driveway sealer

Used oil, oil filters, and anti-freeze can be taken to any of the seven (7) Drop-Off Centers. Click here for a list of drop-site locations.

Large Items


Large Items are available to dispose of for residents only at the Chrisney Drop Off Center during their regular hours of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

No contractors will be permitted to dispose of their worksite materials. 

No cash is accepted at the drop-off center and tags MUST be purchased ahead of time. 

Costs for disposing of large items:

• Single Item - Five (5) $1.00 Yellow Trash Tags - $5.00 total

• Freon Appliance - Five (5) $1.00 Yellow Trash Tags - $5.00 total

• Pick-up Truck Load of Large Items - Twenty (20) $1.00 Yellow Trash Tags - $20.00 total

• Oversize Loads or Trailers may have an additional charge

• Note: Bagged household trash is not included in the pickup truck load of Large items. These bags must be tagged separately with a $1.00 trash tag on each. 

Offloading assistance is NOT available.

Examples of large items include sofas, chairs, tables, mattresses, appliances, hot water heaters, dressers, rolled carpet, plumbing fixtures, swing sets, lawn furniture, grills, bicycles, etc.


Yard Waste & Compost

When the leaves begin to change colors, showing off bright yellows, oranges, and reds – Enjoy! Before long, those leaves will be brown and spread over the ground.

What can you do with fall leaves

NOTICE:  Yard Waste is no longer accepted at the Chrisney Solid Waste Drop Site.

 Rockport Residents:

If you live in the City of Rockport, you can put fall leaves at the curb where they will be collected. For set-out guidelines and collection dates, contact City Hall at 649-2242.

Incorporated Towns:

Residents of Chrisney, Dale, Gentryville, Grandview, Richland, and Santa Claus should contact their local officials to ask about leaf or brush programs.

 Spencer County Residents:

County residents can burn their own untreated yard waste as long as you are not in an incorporated town and there is not a burn ban present.


Places that Accept Yard Waste:

Evanston Valley Enterprise (EVE)                      10492 E CR 1000 N, Evanston , IN                              All yard waste is accepted.  Please contact EVE for all questions and current pricing.                    Office: 812-529-8172 or evanstonvalleyenterprise@gmail.com.

Daviess County Transfer Station 270-688-8138 at 2129 Grimes Avenue, Owensboro, KY 42303

Advance Disposal Blackfoot Landfill 888-867-8066 at 3726 IN-64, Winslow, IN 47598. 

Suggestions on ways you can reuse fall leaves in your own yard:

  • Shred the leaves with a mulching mower (or a mower with the bagger removed) and let them stay on the grass. These shredded leaves will provide a protective winter cover and decompose by spring.
  • If you have lots of leaves, you’ll need to mow often during the weeks with the heaviest leaf fall.
  • Pick up leaves with your bagging mower. The mower will shred the leaves as it picks them up, creating great mulch. Use the leaf mulch in your gardens or flower beds.
  • Add shredded or whole leaves to your compost pile. Shredded leaves will decompose faster, but whole leaves will also break down into nutrient-rich compost. Mixing fall leaves with over-ripe fruit and vegetables and grass clippings will help the material decompose more quickly. If you want more information about composting call our office.

Medication & Sharps


Outdated prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be hazardous to you and your environment.

They can contaminate the environment if they get into drinking and groundwater. The complex chemicals found in today’s drugs may kill bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic systems if flushed down the toilet.

ONLY Non-Controlled medications can be brought to the District Business Office Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm. Controlled medications can be held until our Medicine Take Back Events or disposed of in one of the sealed medication drop-off boxes located at the Spencer County Sheriff's Dept., Santa Claus Town Hall, or Rockport City Hall. 

Don't flush! Bring them to us! 


Used sharps (syringes and lancets) are considered hazardous waste.

Spencer County residents now have four (4) sharps collection locations. The Solid Waste District Office in Chrisney, Dale Town Hall, Rockport City Hall, and Santa Claus Town Hall are all approved sharps disposal locations.  Sharps containers can be dropped off and picked up at any of these locations, free of charge.

Computers, TV's & Electronic Equipment

E-Waste includes Computers: Monitors and modems; Computer Peripherals such as printers; Televisions (any size shape or age); DVD players and VCR's.

More and more computer manufacturers and retail electronic stores are participating in the "take back" programs for old computers and electronic equipment. When you are in the market for a new electronic ask about their "take back" policy.

When it is not possible to participate in a "take back" program the District office does accept some electronic waste for a small fee to be recycled.

Due to the current global recycling market conditions continuing to impact our industry dramatically please take notice that starting August 1, 2019, Spencer County Solid Waste Management District will be starting to charge for Electronic Waste.

Prices will be as follows:

All-size TV’s, computer monitors, and laptops/notebooks are $5 each

All-size Modems, Printers, and DVD/VHS players are $3 each

We accept Cash only for electronic waste. Trash tags and credit cards are not accepted for special recycling programs.

 It is not permitted to throw any of the electronic waste listed above in the trash at any of the 7 Spencer County Solid Waste Drop site facilities.

 Electronic Waste will only be accepted at the Spencer County Solid Waste Office at 918 E CR 800 N Chrisney, IN 47611

Electronic Waste will no longer be accepted at the Chrisney drop site the first Saturday of the month.



Residents are encouraged to leave behind (recycle) their old tires when purchasing new ones. Most of the time this does result in a small fee, but it is worth it.

Tire piles are an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes that may be a carrier of Encephalitis or West Niles Virus to your family, farm animals, and/or pets.

Tires are accepted year-round at the office/warehouse facility which is located east of the Chrisney Drop-Off Center.

Passenger tires off the rim -                             $3.00

Passenger tires on the rim -                             $6.00

Oversized Truck/Semi Tires off the rim -      $10.00

Oversized Truck/Semi Tires on the rim -       $15.00

Float -                                                                  $20.00

Call for Special Pricing on tractor tires

Pricing updated as of July 2022

Please check with the office for current pricing.

It has been the practice in the past years to hold June Tire Amnesty Days for Spencer County Residents. Depending on the state and other agencies funding a set number of passenger tires have been recycled for free. Watch for more information about the Tire Recycling program in the Spring of the year.


Book Swap 
Books that are outdated or in poor condition can be taken to any of the District Drop-Off Centers for recycling. Books are accepted anytime a center is open. Please give the books to the attendant on duty.

Note: October is Book Swap Month!!  Residents are encouraged to set aside their gently-used books and swap them in October for "new" books at any library branch in Spencer County.



District Business Office
918 E. County Road 800 N.
Chrisney, Indiana 47611


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