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                      for Spencer County SWMD Yard Waste Disposal & Composting in Spencer County

When the leaves begin to change colors, showing off bright yellows, oranges, and reds – Enjoy! Before long, those leaves will be brown and spread over the ground.

What can you do with fall leaves?

While leaf burning has not been banned by our new Trash Burning Ordinance, we still don't recommend it. Leaf burning releases many pollutants into the air. Smoke from just 5 pounds of burning leaves creates a full pound of pollution. Leaf burning can create health hazards for children, the elderly, and people with breathing difficulties.  As with other burning, leaf burning can also put nearby properties at risk.

Suggestions on ways you can reuse fall leaves in your own yard:

  • Shred the leaves with a mulching mower (or a mower with the bagger removed) and let  them stay on the grass. These shredded leaves will provide a protective winter cover and decompose by spring.
  • If you have lots of leaves, you’ll need to mow often during the weeks with the heaviest leaf fall.
  • Pick up leaves with your bagging mower. The mower will shred the leaves as it picks them up, creating great mulch. Use the leaf mulch in your gardens or flower beds.
  • Add shredded or whole leaves to your compost pile. Shredded leaves will decompose faster, but whole leaves will also break down into nutrient-rich compost. Mixing fall leaves with over-ripe fruit and vegetables and grass clippings will help the material decompose more quickly. If you want more information about composting call our office.

Rockport Residents:
If you live in the City of Rockport, you can put fall leaves at the curb where they will be collected.
For set-out guidelines and collection dates, contact City Hall at 649-2242.

Incorporated Towns:
Residents of Chrisney, Dale, Gentryville, Grandview, Richland, and Santa Claus should contact their local officials to ask about leaf or brush programs.

Spencer County Residents:
Spencer County residents can drop off fall leaves, as well as brush and limbs, west of Chrisney Drop-Off Center, near our office. The yard waste drop-off is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. This is the only site that accepts yard waste of any kind!  Please, NO trash bags!! If you bag your leaves or brush, you will be asked to empty the bags and take the empty bags with you.

Spencer County SWMD, 918 E. County Road 800N, Chrisney, IN
Phone (812) 362-7401, FAX (812) 362-7650, E-Mail recycle@psci.net