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                      for Spencer County SWMD Trash Disposal Service

All our Drop-Off Centers in Spencer County accept trash bags for disposal. Each 35-44 gallon bag requires a $1.00 Yellow Trash Tag. Note: Bags larger than 44 gallon require two (2) $1.00 yellow tags.

For the safety of our attendants, money is not kept at the Drop-Off Centers. Attendants DO NOT sell trash tags and are not allowed to accept money for tags.

Yellow $1.00 Trash Tags are sold at most Convenience and Grocery Stores in Spencer County and Troy
Market in Troy. Tags can be purchased as singles or by the sheet. Each sheet has five (5) tags.

Below is a chart showing where tags can be purchased in Spencer County.

$1. Yellow Tags May be Purchased at the Following Locations*
*No money is accepted at drop off centers.
Chrisney Circle S, Town & Country Hardware, District Office (8 – 4) M-F
Dale Holiday Foods, Circle S & Casey's General Store
Fulda Village Hut
Grandview Circle S
Hatfield Luce Sewer Office & Hatfield Branch Library
Mariah Hill Patriot Store
Richland Richland Library, Richland General Store & Spencer County Bank
Rockport Chuckles, Hometown IGA,  Jumpin' Jack's, & Rebel's Citgo
St. Meinrad Vaal’s Furniture
Santa Claus Holiday Foods, Circle S, & Stoneridge Station
Troy Troy Market
Spencer County SWMD, 918 E. County Road 800N, Chrisney, IN
Phone (812) 362-7401, FAX (812) 362-7650, E-Mail recycle@psci.net