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The More You Do, The More It Matters

Why should I Recycle?

Saves Money: Residents that dispose of their trash at the District's Drop-Off Centers could reduce their disposal cost by 50%, if not more, by recycling.

Saves Energy: Throwing away an aluminum can wastes as much energy as pouring out a can half-filled with gasoline.

Recovers Valuable Material: A 2-liter soda bottle or water bottle can be recycled (re-manufactured) into carpeting, clothing or another bottle. Milk jugs are used to make plastic lumber. Newspaper is used in insulation products. The list of products that are manufactured using recycled products is vast and is still growing.

Generates Less Pollution: Making paper from recycled paper reduces the pollution
involved in the paper-making process by 95%.

Invest In Spencer County: Recycled material is processed and sold to provide revenue for all the programs and services that the District offers. Instead of paying a hauler to take your trash to a landfill, recycle and keep your money in Spencer County.

How to Recycle

Spencer County residents and businesses have the opportunity to drop-off their recyclables, free of charge, at any of our Drop-Off Centers located throughout the county. Yellow metal bins are labeled for specific items and are conveniently arranged with like items next to each other. An attendant is always on duty to assist with your recyclables. 

Limited on recycling space? You only need three containers! (Items can be separated at the Drop-Off Center)

  1. Glass, Cans and Plastics in the same container or bag.
  2. Newspaper and Cardboard in the same box/bag.
  3. Junk Mail  - collect in a shopping bag on a door knob.

General Recycling Rules:

  • Drop-Off centers require material to be separated.
  • Scrape or rinse food residue from containers.
  • Drain containers well.
  • Labels do not need to be removed from any containers.
  • Flatten containers and boxes to save space.
  • Remove all lids. Plastic and steel lids can be recycled.
  • Newspaper should be recycled loose. Do Not Bundle or Bag them.

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Materials Accepted:
Select the category(s) or Click here for a complete list of what we recycle in Spencer County.

Recycling Guidelines:

When in Doubt, Leave it Out!

It only takes one or two items in a load of recyclables to contaminate the entire load and make it impossible to recycle. Please follow the recycling guidelines.

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Spencer County SWMD, 918 E. County Road 800N, Chrisney, IN
Phone (812) 362-7401, FAX (812) 362-7650, E-Mail recycle@psci.net