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Latex paint is the most common item brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Program and represents about half of the District’s cost for the disposal/recycling process. This expense for the District is not necessary.

Latex paint is water-based and NOT hazardous. However if it is in a liquid form, landfills cannot accept latex paint. Introducing an excess amount of liquid in a landfill can cause run off problems and possibly be a source of ground contaminate if this liquid is mixed with other items in the landfill. For this reason, any latex paint brought into the District for recycling/disposal must be treated as a hazardous waste.

Follow these simple instructions for disposing latex paint and help the District/County reduce the cost of processing problem waste.

  • Use up or give away usable latex paint
  • Dry out unusable or unneeded latex paint by mixing it with kitty litter or "floor dry" (an absorbent material sold at hardware and home supply stores)
  • Small amount of paint can be spread onto cardboard to dry
  • Remove the lid (in a well ventilated area) of latex paint and allow paint to harden and dry.
  • Place the hardened paint and dry cans (with the lids off) in the trash

Oil Based

Oil based paint and products for clean-up after using oil based paint should be treated as a household hazardous waste. If possible, combine small amounts of oil based paint into a common paint can before bringing the paint to the District for recycling.

Oil based paint cans that are dry can be disposed in the trash (with the lids off) in the trash.

Click here for location and days of paint collection.

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